What is NDIS Plan Management?

April 17, 2020

What is NDIS Plan Management?

As an NDIS participant, you have complete choice and control of your NDIS and how it is managed.

You have three options for the management of your NDIS funding. You can choose for your budget to be managed by the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) which is also referred to as agency-managed, you can manage it yourself (self-managed), or you can choose to have it managed by a registered, third-party NDIS Plan Manager, such as Disability Plan Services.

No matter which option you choose, as an NDIS participant, plan management is required to keep track of your plan funding. If you choose to self-manage your plan funding, you are required to keep track of all receipts, submit online claims in the NDIS portal to pay service providers and keep track of your budget.

Another option for your NDIS plan management is choosing the NDIA to manage your plan funds for you. This option restricts you to choosing only registered providers which is not always the most cost-effective or preferred way of utilising your funding.

To access plan management with a registered, third-party Plan Manager, such as Disability Plan Services, you need to request funds for NDIS plan management at your planning meeting or plan review. You don’t need to justify or explain your reason for requesting plan management, it is an accepted entitlement and will simply be added to your next plan funds after you make the request. This is the ideal NDIS plan management option as it allows you to remain in control of who you work with but also means you don’t have to worry about all the paperwork.

Below is a breakdown of how each different NDIS plan management option works:

NDIA-managed or Agency-managed
  • Limited to choosing only registered NDIS service providers
  • You may not be able to work with your preferred service provider
  • Use an online portal to track your budget
  • Prices paid to service providers are non-negotiable
  • You must appoint your own support services and liaise with providers
  • You pay for your services directly
  • Extensive record-keeping is required
  • You must access the online portal to complete online forms each time you pay someone
  • This option is more time-consuming for you
Managed by a registered Plan Manager such as Disability Plan Services
  • No extra cost to you – simply ask for additional budget for a registered Plan Management provider
  • Your bills are paid on your behalf and all record-keeping is handled for you
  • Your budget is regularly monitored and your Plan Manager will keep you informed when funds are getting low
  • You’re provided with tailored recommendations and advice on how to spend your budget effectively
  • Assistance with preparing for NDIS plan reviews
  • Your Plan Manager liaises with service providers on your behalf to negotiate the best rates
  • Assistance navigating the NDIS in a language you can understand

What does a Plan Manager do?

A registered Plan Manager is like your connection to the NDIS. They are an independent third-party acting on your behalf and always having your best interest at heart.

At a minimum, your Plan Manager will receive and pay your invoices from service providers, send monthly reports at your request including information about current budget totals and where your funds have been spent.

Some Plan Managers, such as Disability Plan Services, will go above and beyond this and help to facilitate the best supports for you as well as provide personalised advice that suits your individual needs and goals. Choosing to have your plan managed by Disability Plan Services comes at no extra cost to you or your NDIS budget. When you request plan management at your planning meeting or plan review, additional funds are provided to you for this service.

At Disability Plan Services, we suit your schedule at a maximum flexibility, we take the time to understand you and know the best way to manage your NDIS funding. We are always focused on you. We are a dedicated team with lots of real-world experience and a long history of disability services. By taking the time to get to know you and understand your unique situation and specific needs, we help you to achieve what you want from your plan.

As your partners on this journey, it’s important to us that our relationship is built on trust. It’s this trust that our community has in us that means you will always feel a sense of safety and security.

Get in touch with us today to discuss the ideal NDIS plan management option for you.