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Complex Case Management (Specialist Support Coordination)

At Disability Plan Services, we’re here to support you on your journey, regardless of how complex your situation and disability case may be. If you have a higher reliance on specialist support or have barriers to accessing supports, our experienced team have the skills and understanding needed to help you.

We’re a team of real people with years of experience who take the time to know you and understand your barriers so that we can connect you with the best possible disability support services to reach your goals. And, if you have a disability that affects your ability to reach us, we will bring our team to you.

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What is Complex Case Management?

Similar to NDIS Support Coordination, complex case management is a type of specialist support coordination for those with more complex needs. If you have additional high or complex needs, you may need support from specialists including Psychiatrists or mental health workers, social workers or other health professionals.

If multiple family members in your household are living with disabilities it may cause barriers to accessing your supports. A Specialist Support Coordinator works with you and your family by addressing the complex barriers which are impacting your plan and helps you to reduce the complexities in your environment.

Specialist Support Coordinators help by building capacity and resilience for when stress levels rise and communication breaks down, and know how to respond in crisis situations. An NDIS funded support, Specialist Support Coordination is designed to facilitate the access to required supports to help you live a normal and fulfilling life.

How Disability Plan Services can help you

Everything we do at Disability Plan Services is focused on you and helping you to achieve your goals. Whether you require NDIS Support Coordination or Complex Case Management (Specialist Support), we can manage the barriers you may have when accessing supports.

Our NDIS support and specialist support coordinators have skills and expertise in a range of areas including psychology if you require assistance accessing supports for mental health or behaviour. We work together with you, openly and honestly, to identify what special supports are best suited to your needs and assist you to access those supports with your funding.

By developing a complex case management program to suit your individual situation and needs, we can identify the actions and supports required to help manage your barriers and achieve your goals. Our complex case management process always puts your health and wellbeing first.

For more information or to get in touch please call us on 1800 312 870.

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