Understanding Your NDIS Plan

Getting your first NDIS plan can be a really exciting time – especially after all the work that went into the application. But, deciphering it can feel like reading another language. Fear not! This guide will break down the key components of your NDIS plan, helping you understand your resources and maximise their use.  Decoding Funding Categories […]

Gary’s on Your Team For NDIS Success

When you’re looking for NDIS Support Coordination, it’s important to partner with a coordinator who really understands you, and knows how to help you pursue your unique goals.   If you’re feeling overwhelmed and need a bit of a nudge to get moving on your goals – Gary is the guy for you! He’s organised, thrives […]

Building Your Support Network: Finding The Right NDIS Providers

Your NDIS plan unlocks a world of possibilities, but navigating the vast array of providers can feel daunting. Choosing the right providers is crucial for maximising your support and achieving your goals. This guide will equip you with the tools to build a strong and effective NDIS support network.  Factors to Consider When Choosing Providers  […]

Navigating the NDIS Maze: How Disability Plan Services Can Help

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) offers a lifeline for Australians with disabilities, providing funding for essential support services.   However, navigating the NDIS system can sometimes feel like a complex maze. Disability Plan Services is here to be your guide, offering both NDIS plan management and support coordination services, to help you get the most […]

Understanding NDIS Support Categories: Core, Capacity-building and Capital

Are you confused about the different support categories in your NDIS budget, and what they mean? You’re not alone! That’s why we’ve prepared this guide to help you understand your funding, and what it covers.   The NDIS offers three main categories of support: Core, Capacity-building, and Capital. Each category is designed to meet different needs […]

How much is NDIS funding for Autism?

If you or your child have been formally diagnosed with autism, it’s worth doing some research into the NDIS and autism funding.  Depending on a participant’s level of needs, an NDIS plan can cover some of the expensive costs associated with an autistic person’s support and care.  In this blog, we explore some of the […]

Make The Most Of Your Core Supports Funding

Your NDIS Core Supports budget opens up a world of possibilities for improving your life. In fact, you might not have even considered some of the exciting resources you can access to make the most of your plan – and lifestyle.     What can you do with Core Supports funding?  The primary goal of core supports […]

7 Steps to Getting Your NDIS Plan Up and Running

The NDIS can provide life-changing support to people with disabilities. But the process of gaining access can take time, effort, and let’s face it – it can be overwhelming. Here, we detail the steps you need to go through to gain access. The great news is, that once you’ve been given the initial approval, you […]

Archery champion Clair thrives with great support

Meet Clair, DPS client and Queensland archery champion! Bubbly, outgoing, and making friends all over the country through her love of archery, Clair says her life has completely turned around in the past 18 months. It’s thanks to her beloved new hobby, and to an engaged and proactive support team, working together for Clair’s best […]

Steve’s the man for disability support in country Queensland

Steve Scholten is dedicated to bringing quality disability support, with choice and control, to the people of country Queensland. And he’s got the mileage to prove it!  As part of his work as a support coordinator with Disability Plan Services, Steve is frequently on the remote roads of southern and western Queensland, for regular face-to-face […]