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NDIS Plan Management and NDIS Support Coordination you can trust.

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At Disability Plan Services, relationships are at the core of everything we do.

We believe that in order to achieve your life goals, everyone needs a little support from people they know and trust.

Our team members are more than just NDIS Plan Management service providers and Support Coordinators. We are your trusted partners.

We provide you and your loved ones with the knowledge and information you need to reach your goals, without the frustrating jargon.

Take control of your life with support from your partners at Disability Plan Services.

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Our services

The team at Disability Plan Services is with you throughout your entire journey to help you live a happy and fulfilling life. We provide a personal, accessible and holistic approach to NDIS Plan Management and NDIS Support Coordination. Every person we work with receives the best individual support available because we are passionate about helping you.

NDIS Plan Management

NDIS Plan Management

Our experienced team of NDIS Plan Managers are real people who understand your needs and can provide you with the financial know-how and budget advice needed to get the most out of your plan.

NDIS Support Coordination

NDIS Support Coordination

Our NDIS Support Coordinators help you to gain control over the decisions and services within your plan. We work with you to navigate the supports available to you in a personal and accessible way.

Pre-Planning Meetings

Pre-Planning Meetings

Preparation is the best way to ensure your NDIS planning meeting is successful. Our team provides you with the confidence needed to effectively communicate your needs during your meeting.

Disability Plan Reviews

Disability Plan Reviews

Going into your disability plan review with a clear understanding of your progress will help you towards accomplishing your goals. We help you to prepare for your reviews so you can achieve the best outcome possible.

Complex Case Management

Complex Case Management

You can rely on our Specialist Support Coordinators. We are very experienced and understand how to effectively manage barriers for NDIS participants or carers with complex support needs.

The best choice for your NDIS plan

Are you worried about the complicated budgeting and paperwork involved with self-managing your NDIS plan? Feel like the NDIA doesn’t understand your personal needs and goals?

Choosing Disability Plan Services means you are engaging a team of Plan Managers and Support Coordinators who always have your best interests at heart.

To have your plan managed by an independent, registered provider like Disability Plan Services comes at no extra cost to you or your NDIS funding when you request it in your planning meeting and plan reviews.

Our Plan Managers take care of your budget, provide personalised recommendations to make the most out of your funds, help you prepare for plan reviews, liaise with service providers on your behalf and communicate in a language you can understand.

Disability Plan Services works with you, as your partner, to grow the confidence, independence, knowledge and communication skills that will see you achieve your goals. Place your trust in our support coordination team for the best outcomes from your NDIS plan.

What our community says

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Disability Plan Services do a great job in Support Coordination and Plan Management. I love your team approach and you are good people. I know that you want the best for me. I love your staff and feel like I am treated with decency and respect

Linda N

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Disability Plan Services has given our family more of an understanding about how our son’s NDIS Plan works and have helped us to reach our goals. We now know more about what our son needs to live a better quality of life

Samuel A

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Disability Plan Services has helped me to navigate the NDIS which has been difficult at the best of times. You are a professional and caring team

Cathy P

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We have been really happy with Disability Plan Services throughout our son’s first plan, and we will happily continue to use Disability Plan Services going into our son’s next NDIS Plan

James D

Plan Management Examples

Bethany's story

‘Bethany’ loves spending quality time with her husband and the family dog but suffers from several chronic medical conditions that have made her eligible for an NDIS plan and funding for support and coordinating services.

We met Bethany and her husband after she started a plan that did not have the necessary funding she needed for Support Coordination.

Until her new plan was implemented, Bethany’s husband had been assisting her with day-to-day tasks but as he was getting older it became clear that Bethany needed additional supports from her plan.

With her current budget being exhausted far too quickly, the team at Disability Plan Services worked closely with Bethany, her husband and health professionals to successfully prepare them for a change of circumstances review and secure more funding for supports.

Annie's story

‘Annie’ is a bouncy and fun 10-year old who has been diagnosed with autism and epilepsy. She requires a sheltered environment and someone to stay awake each night to watch over her due to the irregularity of her seizures.

Annie’s family came to see us in person at Disability Plan Services due to our easily accessible location.

We quickly realised that although Annie received an appropriate therapeutic budget, the $9,000 in core funding to the family was grossly inadequate for her needs.

Our Plan Manager was able to coordinate a range of many explanatory reports to justify a substantial increase in funding in Annie’s next plan to $50,000. Disability Plan Services then checked in quarterly to ensure everything was running smoothly and we were keeping on top of the budget.

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