Real testimonials – Peggy’s switch to Disability Plan Services

March 14, 2022

DPS Reviews

Before choosing any NDIS provider, it’s a good idea to do some research, including reading customer testimonials. Here’s a testimonial from one of our clients, Peggy, about how Disability Plan Services’ Plan Management is supporting her in achieving her goals. 



Peggy switched to Disability Plan Services for plan management after her previous provider stopped offering the service she needed. While it’s only been a few months since making the switch to Disability Plan Services, Peggy is enjoying the many benefits of having a caring, professional team of experts looking after her plan funds.

At Disability Plan Services, we think it’s important to showcase real testimonials by our customers, so you can determine whether our services are the right fit for you. 

We spoke to Peggy to discuss why she is thankful to have her plan managed by the team at Disability Plan Services.

How Disability Plan Services makes Plan Management easy

Peggy’s plan manager, Lisa, prides herself on securing the best outcomes possible for her participants. By putting people first and treating them with the respect they deserve, Lisa can utilise a participant’s NDIS budget to its full potential.

With a background in customer service and finance, plan management seemed to be the perfect fit for Lisa. “Plan management is a combination of the two careers I love – caring and finance,” she says. “I was previously employed as a financial planner and then a few years ago, I changed careers and became a carer. Unfortunately, I sustained an injury and needed a different role and here I am – loving it!”

“…nothing is ever a hassle for Lisa and the team at Disability Plan Services”

When Peggy first began having her plan managed by Lisa at Disability Plan Services, she couldn’t believe how friendly and approachable the service was. “When I first spoke to Lisa at the Disability Plan Services office, she was very helpful,” says Peggy. “She went through my plan and explained everything.” Peggy is also amazed at how available and accessible Lisa’s services are. “She’s able to do things when I need them. I feel like I can reach out at any time and give her a call – she’s even provided me with her mobile number. The service is very good, nothing is ever a hassle for Lisa and the team at Disability Plan Services.”  

What are the benefits of Plan Management? 

The good news is that plan management is a support delivered by a third-party agency and has benefits for everyone with NDIS funding. Engaging an independent plan management agency such as Disability Plan Services to manage the day-to-day administration of your NDIS plan takes away the stress of paying suppliers or budgeting. A plan manager works with you to maximise your funding and will provide you with recommendations based on your funds and goals. Requesting plan management in your NDIS plan comes at no cost to you as an NDIS participant – nor does it take  money from other supports or services in your budget. 

A common misconception we hear about plan management is that the only way to have control over your NDIS plan is to self-manage. Thankfully, this is not the case. When you opt to engage professional plan managers such as Disability Plan Services, you have choice and control of how your funds are spent.

Plan management is especially suitable for those who:

  • do not have the means to be out-of-pocket to pay providers while waiting for the NDIS to reimburse expenses;
  • are not interested in record keeping;
  • struggle with budgeting;
  • do not have time to self-manage their NDIS plan; 
  • are not familiar with the NDIS portal; and
  • want to work with a third-party person to ensure their NDIS plan can help them best achieve their goals.

What other customer reviews say about our plan management services

It’s not just Peggy who can attest to our dedicated team of experts. Here are some more customer reviews from real life clients who are saving time and stress by using the plan management services provided by us.

“The staff are super friendly, helpful and dedicated to positive, person-centred outcomes.” – Judy

“The staff here were amazing, so approachable, caring and compassionate. The office space was second to none also and felt very warm and welcoming.” – Lee

At Disability Plan Services, we’re committed to providing you with plan management services that go above and beyond expectations. By choosing Disability Plan Services to manage your plan you’re in control of who you work with – without having to worry about the hassles of paperwork or audits. If you’re looking for a plan management provider with countless positive testimonials, Google ratings and reviews, call us on 1800 312 870 or emailing