Real testimonials – Georgina’s family thrives with Disability Plan Services

March 21, 2022

Customer Reviews

If you’re considering engaging a new plan manager or support coordinator to assist with your loved ones’ NDIS plan, you’re likely doing your due diligence and reading customer testimonials and reviews. If you’re looking at the services provided by Disability Plan Services for your family, Georgina provides an insight into how plan management by our team has saved her time and stress.

Meet Georgina. Georgina is a loving mum of two children, each with NDIS plan funding. Before engaging the plan management services of Disability Plan Services, Georgina was unaware of how much funding each of her children was eligible for and was even unaware she was allocated a budget for certain items her children needed. 

We sat down with Georgina to discuss how her life has been made easier since engaging Disability Plan Services as her new plan management provider. 


“Best service, 10 out of 10” 

“I have just moved over to Disability Plan Services at the beginning of this year and it has been brilliant,” says Georgina. “We’ve always been plan managed, but the plan manager we were with previously is no longer offering plan management services.” After exploring plan managers in her local area, Georgina discovered Disability Plan Services and engaged them as the plan management provider for her children’s plans. She says the switch has been overwhelmingly positive.  

Georgina’s children’s plans are both managed by Lisa Randall who works closely with the family to ensure they have a thorough understanding of the funding they’re allocated. 

“I never knew my kids had transport funded under their NDIS plan, ” says Georgina. “Lisa and the team at Disability Plan Services took the time to explain everything that’s on the children’s plans and what the funding can be used for. Previously, I was only told how much money was remaining overall without having a clear breakdown of the funding I had for each support. Lisa, on the other hand, sat down and explained everything thoroughly to me.” 

The other stand-out for Georgina is the fast and friendly service offered by Lisa and the Disability Plan Services team. “As soon as I call Disability Plan Services, they answer and as soon as I email them, I’m met with a fast reply,” says Georgina. “Lisa is great. The moment I walked into the Disability Plan Services office and met with her she was on to it. She’s been very good and very friendly. I haven’t met Jack personally, but I’ve spoken with him over the phone, and he’s been very helpful too. Best service, 10 out of 10.”  


How does plan management help NDIS participants and their families? 

Choosing to engage a plan manager instead of self-managing saves NDIS participants from wasting time and stress on paying providers, organising invoices, and preparing for potential audits from the NDIA. Georgina says that by having Lisa and the Disability Plan Services team managing her children’s NDIS plans, she spends less time worrying about budgeting and invoicing.  

“Having two kids with NDIS plans, it saves me a lot of time having Disability Plan Services manage their plans,” says Georgina. “You don’t have to stress about whether you’ve paid this provider or that bill, it’s just so much easier having a plan manager.” 

Georgina’s plan manager, Lisa, says as a plan manager, her favourite part of her job is ensuring participants are utilising their NDIS budget to its full potential. “Having a plan manager takes the stress of having to pay providers for their services by the due date,” says Lisa. “Plan managers also ensure that providers are charging correctly, and that our participant’s budgets are not being under or over utilised.”  


Why you should read customer reviews, testimonials, and ratings before engaging a plan management provider 

It’s important to consider a variety of options before deciding upon a plan manager that’s right for you. While it may be tempting to just go with someone close to where you live, it’s important to ask the following questions before engaging a plan manager: 

  1. Do they have good testimonials online, or has anyone you know used them? 
  2. Do their online customer reviews specifically mention their expertise in plan management?  
  3. Are they a registered NDIS provider? 
  4. Do they have a genuine passion for making a difference in disabled peoples’ lives? 

Disability Plan Services was founded by director, Alexandra Shaw, who has her own family experiences with disability. She established Disability Plan Services and employed a warm, friendly, and highly qualified team as a way of helping others in the community get the most out of their lives.

Choosing to have your plan managed by Disability Plan Services comes at no extra cost to you or your NDIS budget. When you request plan management at your planning meeting, additional funds are provided to you for this service. We’ve got a team of experts servicing the South East Queensland waiting to help people just like you. So, if you’re looking for a friendly, reliable plan manager like Lisa and the team at Disability Plan Services, get in touch with us today by calling 1800 312 870 or emailing