How an NDIS Plan Manager changed this family’s life

June 9, 2021

Bianca and Chase

At Disability Plan Services, relationships are at the core of everything we do. We love hearing from clients who are now living more fulfilling lives due to the support they receive. We’re proud to have provided support for so many participants and their families as they navigate the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). 

Recently we spoke to Bianca Richards about her family’s experiences with Disability Plan Services. Bianca’s son, Chase was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD-2) last year. Since beginning their journey with Disability Support Services in February 2021, Bianca said that the support they have received from Chase’s plan manager, Jack, has changed their life for the better. 


Their NDIS Journey

Before the family came to Disability Plan Services for help with Chase’s plan, the family’s journey navigating the NDIS was not smooth sailing. 

When Chase was 10, he was diagnosed with ADHD and had severe learning and language difficulties. When Chase’s care needs became too severe, Bianca had to give up her career as a full-time retail employee. Bianca worked as a part-time therapist for several years before facing her own health issues and was forced to take more time off. 

Last year, at age 13, Chase was diagnosed with ASD-2. This diagnosis impacted the whole family – especially Bianca who at the time had returned to full-time study and work. Trying to coordinate services for Chase was difficult and frustrating for Bianca, who was receiving little communication from her Local Area Coordinator. With seven children between her and her husband, three of which were still living at home, Bianca knew she needed some extra support.

During her first planning meeting in November 2020, it was recommended that Bianca contact a disability support service provider so that she could receive some extra assistance. Early the following year, after receiving Chase’s plan, Bianca came across Disability Plan Services in a lucky Google search. 

Bianca said she is happy she chose Disability Plan Services after receiving such wonderful support from Plan Manager, Jack.  

“My husband and I were initially really intimidated by the whole NDIS process, but Jack was able to relieve so much of our stress,” Bianca says.

“Jack is always so responsive and supportive – whenever I email him with a question he always gets back to me within the hour. 

“Jack is the reason we chose Disability Plan Services and I cannot imagine what we would do without him now.”

Bianca is currently going through an appeal process with the NDIA to receive extra funding in Chase’s plan so that he can receive the support he needs. Helping Bianca during the appeal process, Bianca says her support from Jack and Disability Plan Services has been life-changing. 

“Chase is currently only receiving fortnightly psychology appointments, which is really not enough support for what he needs,” Bianca says.

“Jack has been our go-to person throughout this appeal process and we are really grateful for him.” 

Her advice for anyone deciding how to manage their NDIS funding?  

“For anyone who is choosing how they want to manage their funding, I would highly recommend going through a service provider like Disability Plan Services. It is no cost out of your budget, and no added expense to you,” Bianca says.

“With my husband and I both studying and working full-time, looking after three kids at home, and trying to prioritise Chase’s care needs, I really couldn’t do all of it without Jack and the team at Disability Plan Services.” 


How NDIS Plan Management can help you 

Jack is one of our dedicated and knowledgeable plan managers here at Disability Plan Services. Our plan managers take the time to get to know you, so that they can make the most of your plan. Find out more about the role of plan managers in our blog here

Some plan managers, such as Disability Plan Services, will go above and beyond to provide personalised advice that suits your individual needs and goals. 

With a focus on building relations, our plan managers are grateful to be able to help people like Bianca and her family on their NDIS journey. 

If you’re interested in learning more about NDIS plan management with Disability Plan Services, contact us today by clicking here.