What makes a great NDIS Plan Manager?

February 15, 2021

My Plan Manager NDIS

As more and more people join the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), choosing to work with an independent NDIS Plan Manager is becoming an increasingly popular choice.

One of the four options available to NDIS participants, plan management gives people with disabilities access to experienced and caring professionals who are passionate about using their skills to help others. 

NDIS plan management is the ideal choice for those looking for more control over their plan funds and chosen disability support providers. But with so many plan management agencies out there, how do you choose the right one?

Whether you’re new to the NDIS and want to learn more about this popular NDIS funding management option, or you already have funding for Improved Life Choices and find yourself wondering, ‘how do I know if my Plan Manager NDIS is the best one for me?’, then you’ve come to the right place!


What is a Plan Manager and what do they do?

Choosing to work with a plan management agency NDIS is often considered the best option because it allows you to take a collaborative approach to managing your plan funds, without all the hassle of recordkeeping and paying providers.

A registered Plan Manager is like your connection to the NDIS. They are an independent third-party acting on your behalf and always having your best interest at heart.


At a minimum, your Plan Manager will receive and pay your invoices from service providers, send monthly reports at your request including information about current budget totals and where your funds have been spent.

Some Plan Managers, such as Disability Plan Services, will go above and beyond this and help to facilitate the best supports for you as well as provide personalised advice that suits your individual needs and goals. 


The benefits of choosing the right Plan Manager

Although some NDIS Plan Managers in Brisbane and surrounds can offer a good service – paying your supplier invoices on time and keeping track of your NDIS plan budget – not every Plan Manager can offer you a service that goes above and beyond.

Choosing a Plan Management agency NDIS that is small enough to get that personalised touch yet large enough to have a wide breadth of experience to draw from is the best of both worlds!

Here are some of the benefits of choosing a smaller, local Plan Manager:

  • Because we’re based in South East Queensland, we know local service providers and have worked with them all! With many years’ experience managing NDIS plans in Brisbane, and now with established services in Toowoomba and Helensvale, our teams know which service providers are best to suit your needs!
  • You’ll see the same faces each time you visit us. We pride ourselves on hiring the right staff the first time and investing in upskilling to ensure our team members stay with us for the long run! 
  • You’re supporting local businesses and the community. Small NDIS Plan Management agencies employ local staff and work closely with community groups and support services. When you choose to work with a small, local agency you are in turn supporting your community!

Along with many benefits for your NDIS plan and the local community, there are many benefits that come with choosing an experienced Plan Manager: 

  • You can tap into a large knowledge base. If your circumstances change or if you are experiencing complex barriers to receiving the supports you need, an experienced Plan Manager will have the skills and understanding required to help you. 
  • They have the resources available to support you, in whatever way that may be. The more experience your Plan Manager has, the more tools they have under their belt to help you make the most of your plan funds!
  • Things get done quickly and on time! Being efficient is just one of the benefits that comes with being experienced, and you can count on your Plan Manager to get your invoices paid on time, every time.


How do I change my Plan Manager NDIS?

My Plan Manager’s NDIS experience is amazing! They know exactly how to help me achieve my goals.”

“I really feel understood by my Plan Manager. They always ask me how I am and take the time to listen to my concerns.”

If you haven’t had either of these thoughts lately, chances are it may be time for you to find a new Plan Manager. 


Whether you want to change from your current Plan Manager to someone who is going to better meet your needs and expectations, or you’re yet to try plan management and want to learn more about how this option can help with your NDIS plan, get in touch with us today.