How NDIS Capacity Buildings supports can develop your independence!

June 7, 2021

capacity building supports

Whether you’re a young adult looking to develop the skills you need to become more independent or you’re already living independently and are looking for ways to improve your confidence, the team at Disability Plan Services is here to help you achieve your goals.

Using your NDIS plan funding, you can access supports that help you get out and about, keep your home organised and safe, and maintain your overall mental and physical wellbeing. 

One of your plan categories in particular, NDIS Capacity Building supports, is specially designed to build your confidence and skills to help you live a more independent, rewarding and enjoyable life. 

In this blog we’ll cover what NDIS Capacity Building supports are and how they can help build confidence and independence in your day-to-day life!


What is Capacity Building NDIS?

One of three types of support budget that may be funded in your NDIS plan, capacity building supports help build your independence and skills to help you pursue your goals. 

Separated into nine sub-categories of support, funding allocated for capacity building must be used for its approved purpose as established at your planning meeting or plan review.

Here is a complete break-down of each category within capacity building supports that you may, or may not, be eligible to access and how they work!

Name of capacity building supportWhat it meansHow it can build your confidence and independence
Support CoordinationFunding to pay a Support Coordinator who helps put your plan into actionWorking with a Support Coordinator, you can establish relationships with local disability providers and establish a routine for the delivery of your supports
Improved Living ArrangementsSupport to find and stay in a home that suits your needs By living somewhere suitable for you and where you feel comfortable, you’re able to focus on building your skills from a secure environment
Increased Social & Community ParticipationDevelopment of your social skills to improve confidence with community participationHelp to find and join a local community group such as a sporting club 
Finding & Keeping a JobEmployment-related support such as training and assessmentsSupport with writing a resume and cover letter and practice job interviews to improve confidence
Improved RelationshipsBetter your understanding of how to positively interact with othersSessions with a Psychologist to improve your communication skills and behaviour
Improved Health & WellbeingExercise and diet advice from experts to help manage living with your disabilityLearn about what foods to eat from a nutritionist and receive a personalised meal plan
Improved LearningSupport to help you transition into higher learningAssistance to enrol in TAFE or University and attend classes
Improved Life ChoicesNDIS Plan Management options for your fundingAdditional funding to access an NDIS Plan Manager to look after the financial administration of your plan
Improved Daily LivingProfessional support to help improve your physical capabilitiesPhysiotherapy or occupational therapy to improve your ability to perform day-to-day tasks


Making the most of your plan

Effectively using your NDIS Capacity Building supports, combined with supports funded through your Core budget, Capital budget and informal supports, such as family and friends, you can make the most of your plan and work towards achieving your independence goals.

To ensure you are making the most of your plan and you are receiving all the funding you are eligible for, the team at Disability Plan Services work closely with you to understand your wants, needs and goals. 

As an NDIS approved provider of NDIS Plan Management (Improved Life Choices) and Support Coordination, we can develop your capacity to better understand your plan, how your supports work and manage the ongoing financial administration for you.

Working together under one roof, our teams have proven experience in advocating for our clients, including achieving position outcomes from plan reviews that resulted in more funding allocated to supports that our clients desperately need. 

To hear about our experience for yourself, check out some of our latest blog posts!


If you feel like your NDIS plan does not accurately align with your needs, or you want support to achieve your independence goals, get in touch with us today.