Everything you need to know about NDIS plan reviews

February 4, 2021

ndis plan review

If you’ve had your current NDIS plan for close to 12 months, then you’re probably due for your next plan review pretty soon! As your circumstances change over time, reviewing your NDIS plan regularly is an important way of ensuring your goals and needs are still being met. 

Not only does your NDIS plan review allow you to realign your goals with your funding but it also allows you to discuss how you are progressing towards your goals, and to make any necessary changes to your disability support services before starting your new plan.  

To get the most out of your upcoming NDIS plan review, we have come up with our top preparation tips to get you ready for your NDIS plan review! 


What is a plan review? 

The purpose of an NDIS plan review is to discuss how your plan has been working for you, set new goals, and address any questions or concerns you may have. For instance, if you’re finding you need less assistance in certain areas but are interested in starting a new hobby or joining a recreational group, you may need to change your day-to-day disability support services or transport requirements. 

Your NDIS plan review can happen either in person or over the phone – whichever is best for you. If you choose to conduct your NDIS planning meeting face-to-face, you are welcome to bring a support person with you. Having support from someone you know and trust is a great way to make sure you haven’t forgotten to mention anything. It may help to have them advocate for you and to make sure you’re getting everything you need from your plan.

If you’d prefer the support of an experienced Plan Manager, you can arrange to have a team member from Disability Plan Services attend your plan review with you.


How often are NDIS plans reviewed? 

Generally, your plan review will occur 12 months after your plan has started. A representative from the NDIS will be in touch in the lead up to this time to organise your review. Alternatively, if you’re currently working with a Plan Manager, they will let you know when the time is approaching. 

If your personal circumstances, supports or goals have changed before it comes time for your next plan review, then you can request an early plan review. For assistance with requesting an early plan review, speak to the team at Disability Plan Services or visit the NDIS website.  


Preparing for your plan review 

Preparing for your plan review can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Our NDIS Support Coordinators and Plan Managers can help to prepare you for your plan review by collating reports from your service providers, reflecting on your goals, setting future goals and reviewing the support services you are currently receiving. We can also develop a list of support services that may be suitable to help you achieve your goals in your next plan.  

If you are not a current Disability Plan Services client, or you want to prepare for your review without the help of a Plan Manager, then these three simple tips will help you get ready for your meeting and ensure you can get the supports you need.  


  • Review your original goals

Goal setting is an important part of your NDIS plan because it helps you identify what supports you require and what funding you will need. Before you attend your disability plan review, it’s important to review these goals. Ask yourself these questions:   

  • Have I achieved any of my short-term goals or made progress towards achieving them?
  • Look back at your first NDIS plan and see what progress you have made towards your goals. This is important to make the most out of your plan and live the life you choose.
  • Has my disability or life circumstances changed and are my goals still relevant?

If your circumstances have changed, then it’s likely your goals have changed too. This is your opportunity to make changes to your plan including amending any of the goals which you may still be working towards. Flag any goals you think might need to be amended and write down some new ones so you can discuss them in your meeting. 


  • Review your current supports 

Are you receiving disability support services that are helping you achieve your goals? 

If your circumstances have changed or there are some supports which are not helping you to achieve your goals, write this down so that you can discuss what needs to change. If your current supports are not helping you achieve your goals or if you have made changes to your goals, this is your chance to discuss your future options. 


  • Review your funding 

If you are currently self-managing your NDIS funding or your funding is being managed by the NDIA, you can request for additional funds to be allocated for a NDIS Plan Manager. Working with an independent, third-party Plan Manager, such as Disability Plan Services, can help you make the most of your plan funds and put your funding to good use when your new plan starts. 

For more information on NDIS plan reviews or to get in touch with our Plan Managers, give our team a call on 1800 312 870.