Real testimonials – Danni, Chloe & Tracie flourish with support coordination

May 16, 2022


Understanding your NDIS plan and knowing where to find supports and services can sometimes be a stressful task. Fortunately, support coordination services are available to help take the stress away and support you through navigating your plan. Enlisting the help of a support coordinator can give you more time to concentrate on your goals, as well as connect you to a network of reliable NDIS providers and other services that can make your day-to-day life much easier. When you choose a trusted support coordinator like Disability Plan Services, you’ll have access to a team who knows how to build your confidence and skills, while coordinating your supports with ease.

If you’ve never heard of a support coordinator before, or simply want to do some more research before deciding if engaging one is the right option for you, it’s important to read real-life testimonials and customer reviews from NDIS participants utilising this service. 

Here is one of our customer testimonials, which highlights how the help of a support coordinator can change someone’s life. 


How support coordination has positively impacted Danni’s family

Danni is the mother of two daughters – Chloe and Tracie – who are both NDIS participants. and receive support coordination from Disability Plan Services Support Coordinator, Rachel Timm. 

“My life before a support coordinator was quite hectic,” says Danni. “I didn’t really have any help or support and virtually had to organise everything all by myself. I feel so relieved since having Rachel around.”

Danni is incredibly thankful for the support and assistance Rachel provides their family.  

“Just the other day, I needed some essential hygiene items for the girls from the store, so I rang up Rachel, she organised the order and made sure we got it very quickly,” says Danni. “She is really on the ball.  She is so quick to get onto whatever you need.” 

Danni says she recommends Rachel’s services whenever she speaks with other friends who need the help of a support coordinator because of the way she has been able to transform her family’s life for the better. 

Danni’s family have been using Rachel’s support coordination services for more than a year now, which has freed up her time to do the things she loves – such as spending quality time with her kids.

“When I first went to Rachel, I gave her our plan and asked if she was able to help me. Within two weeks she got everything sorted. She is so quick to find providers. The guys [at Disability Plan Services] are brilliant.” 

Aside from Rachel’s quick and efficient nature, Danni says that her caring nature has made the support coordination process much smoother. “I get along quite well with Rachel; she is very friendly and the bubbliest lady I have ever met,” adds Danni.  

Want to know how to access support coordination in your plan?

Danni’s glowing rating of Disability Plan Services and Rachel shows how support coordination has been overwhelmingly beneficial for her life. After having the helping hand of Rachel for just over a year now, she has found so much relief and support with her daughter’s NDIS plans – making her day-to-day life easier. 

If this sounds like a service that would help you, here are some tips on how to get started: 

  1. Read customer reviews to ensure you understand the many ways support coordination can help and find the provider that is right for you. 
  2. Have a look into your (or your children’s) Capacity Building budget. Where reasonable and necessary, support coordination will be included. This is a fixed amount for a support coordinator to help you use your plan.
  3. If your plan describes the level of support coordination funded, you can only purchase this level of support coordination.
  4. If your plan does not describe the level of support coordination funded, you can choose to purchase the level of support coordination that suits your needs.
  5. Reach out to your plan manager, as they can help you find and connect with a support coordinator who has received glowing testimonials

If you’re looking for a friendly, reliable support coordinator, get in touch with the team at Disability Plan Services by calling 1800 312 870 or by emailing We have a team of experts servicing south east Queensland and the Fraser Coast waiting to help people just like you.