The importance of having a NDIS pre-planning meeting

May 23, 2022

Pre-planning meeting

If you’re new to the NDIS, you might be excited about the prospect of receiving the support and services you need to achieve your long-term goals. 

However, before you’re able to receive NDIS funding, there are a couple of steps you need to take prior to starting your plan. These include organising your medical records, taking note of the supports you’re currently working with and of course, establishing what you want your future to look like. With so much to prepare and think about, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed and perhaps even confused.

Disability Plan Services has NDIS support coordination services that make the journey a little less stressful. By organising a NDIS pre-planning meeting with us, you can ensure you’re feeling confident and prepared for your first meeting with the NDIA.

What’s the difference between a NDIS pre-planning meeting, and a planning meeting?

An NDIS pre-planning meeting is your opportunity to speak to a friendly expert who knows the type of questions that will be asked at a planning meeting, and can give you tips and tricks on how to answer those questions. 

A planning meeting is the formal appointment with the NDIA that will decide how your plan is structured. It might be helpful to think of your pre-planning meeting as a rehearsal and use this time to build your confidence before your planning meeting.

There are a lot of questions a NDIA Local Area Coordinator (LAC) will want to go through with you. The NDIS website states that you may be asked about the following areas of your life in a planning meeting:

  • your personal details
  • your community and mainstream supports
  • how you manage everyday activities
  • your safety, including equipment, accommodation or help to take care of yourself or your home
  • the goals you want to pursue
  • ways to manage your plan
  • the support you need to use your NDIS plan.

You’ll need a lot of documentation and thought behind each response to ensure you’re given a NDIS plan that’s right for you. After your NDIS pre-planning meeting with a team of disability plan experts, like Disability Plan Services, you’ll feel confident in being able to answer questions and provide any evidence needed, including 

  • details about your disability
  • assessments or reports from health professionals relating to your disability
  • details about what disability support services you are currently receiving, including support from family members and the wider community
  • how you manage your day-to-day activities
  • what you enjoy doing and what you are good at
  • your goals for the next year and beyond
  • how you want your plan to be managed.

At your planning meeting, you might be asked to bring along and fill out a participant booklet. This is called ‘booklet 2 – Planning‘.  You can access that document and download it here. Our team can talk you through this document and assist you with what is needed before your appointment. 


What happens after my NDIS pre-planning meeting?

Once you’ve had a NDIS pre-planning meeting and are feeling confident with all the information required by the NDIA, you will need to schedule a planning meeting. The NDIA typically contacts potential participants once they’ve made their access decision and have confirmed your eligibility for the NDIS.

Your planning meeting take up to an hour, and you’ll go over all the things you’ve discussed at your pre-planning meeting. This meeting may happen over the phone, or in person at your local NDIA office. You’re allowed to have a support person with you, such as a friend, family member or plan manager. Once the meeting comes to an end, you’ll discuss the next steps, including how and when your NDIS plan will be reviewed, and how you can start to use the funding in your plan. 

If you receive funding for NDIS support coordination in your plan, you can choose your preferred provider to work with you and help you access supports. 


After my planning meeting is finished and I’ve received my plan details, can I choose to have my plan managed by Disability Plan Services?

Yes, absolutely! Selecting Disability Plan Services to provide your NDIS Plan Management comes at no additional cost to you and does not affect your NDIS budget. All you need to do is ask for the plan management option at your planning meeting, and the extra money will be provided to cover the work done by Disability Plan Services.

There are many advantages of having the team at Disability Plan Services manage your plan. As real people with plenty of real-world experience, we know how important it is to get to know you, understand your individual circumstances and needs, and help you achieve the life goals you want from your plan. We pride ourselves on always focusing on you and what is best for your needs.

Whether you need assistance with daily life, NDIS support coordination, complex case management or simply a plan manager that cares, Disability Plan Services is the right team for you. For more information or to get in touch please call us on 1800 312 870.