What is an NDIS Account Manager? Breaking down key terms for NDIS participants

Did you know that different disability support services may call an NDIS Plan Manager an NDIS Account Manager? It can be confusing when there’s two (or more) names for the same service, so we’ve broken down some of the key names and terms you need to know.

What The New NDIS Pricing Arrangements Mean For You

It’s that time again – when the NDIS releases a list of changes to its Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits. This is was formerly known as the Price Guide.  These changes are in effect from 1 July 2022. There’s a fair bit to go through, including price increases (and plan budget increases to match – […]

A plan manager – just like having your own personal NDIS Accountant

Plan managers are similar to what you can expect from engaging your very own accountant! The best part? Having an NDIS-registered plan manager comes at no additional cost – simply state in your plan meeting that you would like the support of a registered plan management provider.

A day in the life of Rachel – our NDIS Support Coordinator!

Rachel Timm is an NDIS Support Coordinator, but what exactly does her role entail and how does she work to improve the lives of Disability Plan Services clients?

Getting assistance with community access NDIS programs

If you’ve been eyeing off some community access NDIS programs, but aren’t sure how to join them or whether you’ve even got funding for it, the friendly support coordinators at Disability Plan Services can help.

How a support coordinator can make NDIS Community Participation easy

Being involved in community activities is great for your overall wellbeing, but we recognise it isn’t always as easy as some may think. That’s why our Support Coordinators focus on alleviating the pressure, by connecting you with local groups to deliver NDIS Community Participation and other core supports.

The importance of having a NDIS pre-planning meeting

If you’re new to the NDIS, you might be excited about the prospect of receiving the support and services you need to achieve your long-term goals.  However, before you’re able to receive NDIS funding, there are a couple of steps you need to take prior to starting your plan. These include organising your medical records, […]

Real testimonials – Danni, Chloe & Tracie flourish with support coordination

Could support coordination save you time, money, and stress? We speak to one mother who says engaging Disability Plan Services for support coordination has positively transformed her life.

Understanding your assistance with daily life NDIS budget 

If you’re eligible for assistance with daily life NDIS funding, you may be able to access supports that help you with daily personal activities or household tasks.  The team at Disability Plan Services can connect you with reliable providers to deliver the supports you need.

What does NDIS assistive technology funding include?

Assistive technology can make a massive difference to quality of life for many people with disabilities. While some items may be low cost, others can be up on the far end of the scale, which can be quite overwhelming. Thankfully, NDIS assistive technology funding can be a great help.