What does NDIS Funding Cover?

August 10, 2023

The NDIS offers life-changing support for Australians with disabilities.  Its main goal is to ensure that disabled people can make the same choices, and have the same control over their lives as anyone would want.  Whether that means modifications to your home to suit your abilities, assistance with household tasks, or support to develop job skills – there is a vast array of support available.  

But it must be said that that the NDIS does not cover every single facet of your life or your care.  

When you’re approved for NDIS support, you’ll be given a package of funding to suit your needs and goals. NDIS funding is broken up in to three main categories: Core, Capacity-Building and Capital.  Also keep in mind that NDIS supports are approved based on the criteria that they are reasonable and necessary.  With that in mind, we’ll look at some examples of what the NDIS may and may not pay for.  

Services Covered by the NDIS 

Assistive Technology 

There are many devices and technologies that can provide the support you need to be independent. Through NDIS funding, you may be able to access assistive technology such as custom wheelchairs, communication devices like speech generating apps, hearing aids, and even some modifications to your home.  

Personal Care and Support 

If you need a helping hand to maintain your independence, the NDIS can provide that. It covers funding for personal care and support services tailored to your needs. A support worker can assist with daily activities such as grooming, dressing, meal preparation, and household chores.  

Therapeutic Supports 

There are a range of therapies that support the development of skills and abilities for independence and wellbeing. Whether it’s physiotherapy to strengthen your muscles and improve mobility, occupational therapy to develop your skills for daily living and employment, speech therapy to enhance communication abilities, or psychology sessions to support your mental well-being, NDIS funding can cover these. 

Community Participation 

Genuine connections are a big part of a fulfilling life, and the NDIS recognises the need to be in touch with your community and activities you love. You can be supported to take part in clubs or groups based on your interests, access recreational programs such as sports or art classes, and participate in social activities that make your heart sing.  

Employment Supports 

Work is more than just a job – it’s a sense of purpose and independence. The NDIS can support your journey toward meaningful employment. This could involve job coaching, assistance with workplace modifications, and training opportunities to enhance your skills. There are many supports available to help you to pursue a job you love. 

Services Not Covered by the NDIS 

Mainstream Supports 

The NDIS doesn’t cover services provided by other government departments or agencies, such as education, health and public transport.  

Everyday Living Costs 

Though the NDIS provides support in many ways, it doesn’t cover general living expenses. That means things like rent, utilities, groceries, and clothing fall under your regular budgeting responsibilities. 

Supports Unrelated to Disability 

The NDIS focuses on support related to your disability, so things like cosmetic surgery or non-disability related health treatments aren’t covered. 

Emergency Services  

The NDIS provides ongoing support, but it doesn’t cover emergency services. If you need help in an emergency, such as immediate medical attention, you can rely on the usual emergency services, such as the ambulance. 

The NDIS has proven to be game-changer for thousands of Australians with disabilities. With the right support, it can open doors to a world of opportunities, and empower you to live life to the fullest. 

When you partner with Disability Plan Services, you can rely on our team’s knowledge and expertise to help you maximise the value of your plan. We explain your funding package to you in a way that you’ll understand, and help you to utilise every bit of support available to you – all at no extra cost. Contact us today to find out how!