Looking for NDIS Employment Support? Disability Plan Services has you covered!

April 4, 2022

NDIS Employment Support

At Disability Plan Services, we know how fulfilling it is to find a job you love. Not only does employment give you purpose, but it allows for greater financial freedom. Through our support coordination services, we can assist with NDIS employment support.


Have you been dreaming of finding a job, but aren’t sure where to start? 

At Disability Plan Services, we know just how challenging it can be to find employment that is both rewarding and sustainable in the long term, regardless of your ability level. Although there are so many career options to choose from, it can be difficult to narrow your search, decide what path you want to take and upskill yourself enough to obtain the job of your dreams. 

Luckily, we also know that finding (and keeping) a job can be made easier with NDIS employment support. So, if you’ve been wanting to explore NDIS employment, find out how Disability Plan Services can help you achieve your job-related goals.

How does engaging Disability Plan Services provide me with NDIS employment support?

Through our NDIS support coordination services, we’re able to help connect you with the people and supports you need to succeed. We work with you to establish your needs, wants and goals in employment to ensure we set you up with the perfect service providers. 

Having the right supports naturally increases your capacity to maintain relationships, manage service delivery tasks, live more independently, and be included in your community. These skills are crucial for improving your employability, and participants with these skills are more likely to not only find a job but retain it too. For a deeper dive on how our support coordination services can provide you with ample NDIS employment support, click here

Engaging Disability Plan Services for your plan management can help you find and keep a job too. Disability Plan Services can provide you with tailored advice on how you can be spending your budget to maximise the services relating to training or finding a job. If you don’t have the appropriate funding for job-seeking services, Disability Plan Services can help you prepare for your next plan review to ensure you communicate to the NDIA that you require a budget to help you find and keep a job. What’s more, by allowing us to handle the difficult and time-consuming aspects of your plan, you can concentrate on getting yourself job ready. 

How does my NDIS plan help me find or keep a job?

It’s important to note that employment supports do not look the same for everybody. 

Having a conversation with your Local Area Coordinator, NDIS Planner or Support Coordinator about your employment goals will ensure your supports and funding can be tailored to your individual needs. 

If you have a planning meeting or plan review coming up, take the time to clearly communicate what type of work you’re looking for and what you think you might need to land a job in that area. For example, you might need help accessing transport to and from work, or you might need to improve your interpersonal communication skills before applying for jobs. Once you’ve discussed these factors with your plan manager, you can both communicate these job-related needs and goals in a planning meeting or review.

If you’re deemed ineligible for funding relating to NDIS employment, there are alternatives such as local Disability Employment Services (DES). DES is run by the Australian Government and is not funded by the NDIS. It will still be included in your plan under the ‘My services and community involvement’ section. You can learn more about that here

Will I face discrimination in the workplace? 

The Disability Discrimination Act makes it against the law for employers or other employees to treat you unfairly because of your disability. You have the same right to employment opportunities as those who do not have a disability. The Act was designed to protect disabled employees from being discriminated against at all stages of the job-seeking process – from finding a job, right through to keeping one. You can learn more about that here. Remember, you can always speak to your support coordinator who can talk you through any concerns you have about discrimination or harassment in the workplace.

I don’t think I’m ready for a job just yet – what other options are available to me?

That’s okay – not everyone can (or wants to) dive straight into employment. At Disability Plan Services, we know that everyone’s desired NDIS outcomes look a little different. If that’s you, we can still support you in your other goals – such as volunteering or completing tertiary study.

NDIS participants can still receive funding in their plan to access volunteering options or tertiary study. If you engage Disability Plan Services for plan management, we can help you find funding to access volunteering or study in your current plan, or work with you to ensure you ask for funding for either of these options in your next plan review. 

If you want to learn more about the benefits of being employed and the skills you might need to land a job, read our latest employment blog here. For caring support coordination and plan management services that can help you achieve your employment goals, contact the team at Disability Plan Services today!