What ideal NDIS plan management looks like

November 15, 2021

ideal ndis plan management

In previous blogs, we’ve explored the difference between plan managed vs self managed NDIS plans and the pros and cons of choosing each option. If you’ve decided to use a plan manager, it’s important to understand what ideal NDIS plan management looks like before choosing a provider to go with. 


Personalised support

In an ideal NDIS plan management scenario, you will have access to an experienced support team that understands not only how the NDIS works, but your individual goals and needs. From there, they should be able to offer you custom recommendations in relation to your NDIS plan, and how your funding should be spent. There should be no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach when it comes to an NDIS plan, and a good plan manager will never make you feel like you’re just another number. 

At Disability Plan Services, our team prides themselves on taking the time to get to know you and your individual needs. You can rest assured that we’re always doing what’s best for you when it comes to your plan and personal goals. 


A stress-free experience

One of the biggest advantages of having a plan manager is that they take the stress out of your NDIS journey. By paying your NDIS providers, keeping track of your spending and strategically maximising your budget, you can relax knowing that your NDIS plan is in good hands.

A good NDIS plan manager should also make you feel at ease and take the time to chat with you, understand your goals and offer you multiple points of contact so you can rest assured they have your best interests at heart. At Disability Plan Services, we’re more than just NDIS service providers – we’re partners on your journey. You can count on us to be there for you whenever you have questions or need support. 


Maintained independence

A common misconception about plan management is that you don’t have a say in how your budget is spent, or what NDIS providers you can use. Thankfully, this is not the case when you use a reliable and trustworthy plan management provider. A plan manager should be working in consultation with you to understand what you want and need from your plan and help you to find the best ways to utilise the funding available to you. They can even help you to receive any extra funding that you may need.

With a great plan manager, you will remain in complete control over how your funds are spent. If you engage a plan manager that doesn’t offer you these freedoms, it might be time to have a chat with them or consider changing providers. 


To find ideal NDIS plan management, you must read reviews and do your research

It can be tempting to go with the convenient option when choosing a plan manager – perhaps that might be a provider that’s near your house, or the first one you stumble across via a Google search. However, it’s important to consider a variety of options before deciding upon a plan manager that’s right for you. Some questions you might like to consider before engaging a plan manager might be:

  • Do they have good reviews, or has anyone you know personally used them?
  • Do they specialise in plan management, or is it just one of the many services their company offers?
  • How long have they worked in the NDIS and/or disability sector for? 

At Disability Plan Services, we’ve helped hundreds of clients achieve their goals through our NDIS plan management services. You can view some of our case studies, or read real reviews left by our clients and their families, just like the ones below –

“The staff here were amazing, so approachable, caring and compassionate. The office space was second to none also and just felt very warm and welcoming.” – Lee 

“This company is amazing! They are so friendly, and they really know their stuff!! I would recommend them to everyone who needs help with NDIS!” – Cassie

Disability Plan Services was founded by director, Alexandra Shaw who has her own family experiences with disability. She established Disability Plan Services and employed a warm, friendly and highly qualified team as a way of helping others in the community who are on this NDIS journey. You can read more about our story, vision and experience here


If you’re self managing your own NDIS plan, or are not happy with your current plan management provider, contact us to discuss how we can create the ideal NDIS plan management service for you.