Debunking Common Myths about Supports the NDIS will fund

April 4, 2020

Since the NDIS started to roll out across Australia in 2016, there have been a lot of myths surrounding what supports the NDIS will fund, who is eligible and what options participants have with plan reviews.

It’s completely normal for you to have a lot a questions when it comes to the NDIS. Even participants who have been receiving supports for years with the NDIS still get confused every now and then, and will often ask “What will the NDIS fund?”.

Everyone’s journey with the NDIS and plan will be unique, so it isn’t always easy to get the answer to your specific questions. To make things clearer, we have come up with some common myths below and provided the facts.

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Myth: The NDIS funds your medications.

Fact: This is unfortunately not true. The cost of your medications is not funded by the NDIS. This is because medication falls under the responsibility of the health system.


Myth: To access Plan Management, you need to be deemed eligible.

Fact: Everyone can access funding for Plan Management through a registered NDIS provider, such as Disability Plan Services. The way to receive the funding is simply to ask for it at your plan meeting or plan review. For assistance with this, speak with the team at Disability Plan Services.


Myth: If I don’t have funds for Plan Management in my first plan, I won’t be able to access it.

Fact: If you did not ask for Plan Management in your first NDIS planning meeting and you would now like support managing your plan funds, you are entitled to request a plan review. Asking for Plan Management to be adding to your plan is a completely acceptable reason to request a plan review and the NDIS cannot refuse this request.


Myth: The NDIS will pay for me to go on a holiday.

Fact: Unfortunately, the NDIS will not fund your holiday. What you may be entitled to, however, is access to additional funds for supports that you need as part of your holiday. Speak to the team at Disability Plan Services to learn more about receiving supports while on holidays.


Myth: You can’t pay for transport using your core funding.

Fact: The NDIA has announced that as of the 1st of March 2020, you can now pay providers who transport you to and from activities using your core funding. This change does not affect any funding you are currently receiving for transport. Instead, the change means you have access to additional funding for transport if you require it. It is important to note that to access your core funding for transport, those doing so are also your NDIS service provider.


Myth: The NDIS is 100% funded by the Federal Government.

Fact: The NDIS is funded by a combination of the Federal (Commonwealth) and State Governments as well as taxpayers through the Medicare levy. A total of $22 billion a year is invested by our governments for the NDIS, making it the biggest social reform in Australia’s history! The Federal Government fund more than half of the bill.


Myth: If you aren’t happy with a decision, there is nothing you can do about it.

Fact: You are well within your rights to request a review of your plan if you think that the NDIS may have missed something or made an unfair decision in determining which supports the NDIS will fund. Make sure that you are prepared to explain your reasoning for the review request. Speak to the team at Disability Plan Services for help with your plan review or to know more about what is funded under the NDIS.


Myth: The NDIS will replace other funding I am receiving such as the Disability Support Pension (DSP).

Fact: The DSP is funded through Centrelink which is separate to the NDIS. People aged between 16 and 65 who are unable to work due to their disability are entitled to funding with the DSP, however, the NDIS provides funding for supports required to live a fulfilling life. In some cases, you may be eligible to receive both NDIS funding and the DSP.


Getting help with your plan

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