Building your support team

August 9, 2021

support team

Just like how a professional athlete has a strong network of supports all working towards a collective goal, as an NDIS participant it’s important that you also build a team around you that you can trust and rely on.

Although your team may look a little different to that of an athlete, the end goal is much the same – to help you be the best version of yourself and achieve your goals.

Similar to sporting coaches, personal trainers and exercise physiologists, you also should build a strong support network of people and professionals you know and trust, regardless of who you are.

Under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), you have the ability to establish goals and receive support from experienced professionals to help you reach said goals.

Here’s a snapshot of how just a few NDIS professionals can help you on your journey!


Support Coordinator NDIS

A Support Coordinator NDIS’ role is to put your plan into action with supports from service providers. Throughout your plan, a Support Coordinator will develop your capacity by finding the right supports for you and prioritise your funding to help you achieve your goals. 

Focused on building your independence and confidence, Support Coordinators ‘translate’ the sometimes complicated NDIS terminology to improve your understanding and knowledge of how your plan works.

A valuable member of your NDIS team, a Support Coordinator is also the go-to person if you have any issues with service providers that need resolving or if you’re experiencing barriers to accessing supports.

Read more about the role of a Support Coordinator and learn about NDIS Support Coordination qualifications here


Plan Manager NDIS

Managing NDIS plan finances is a time-consuming and complicated ongoing process which involves paying service providers, managing budgets, liaising with service providers and record keeping for auditing purposes.

For many people, managing NDIS plan funds, without the support of a Plan Manager, this can be a confusing task that often distracts from the most important goal – living a fulfilling life.

A Plan Manager is like your personal coach. Their responsible for ensuring your plan has the funding it needs and you’re receiving the right level of supports to achieve your goals.

Similar to a Support Coordinator NDIS, a Plan Manager will work with service providers on your behalf to achieve the best outcomes for you.

Click here to read more about plan management.


Support Workers and Health Professionals 

From assistance with daily life tasks, to travel training, community participation, establishing communication skills, and physiotherapy, you can find an experienced disability support worker or allied health professional.

Depending on your personal circumstances and NDIS goals, you may be eligible for services such as therapeutic supports which can include employment related counselling, dietetics, exercise physiology, personal training and psychology, or access to other allied health professionals like speech pathologists.

Health workers are trust-worthy and experienced professionals that can help you to live a fulfilling life by providing tailored support in the areas of your day to day life that need it most. 


Your biggest supporters

More than anyone, your informal supports, such as friends, family and the local community, will be your biggest supporters on your NDIS journey.

The term ‘informal’ means that these people are not paid or compensated for their support. They simply do it out of love for you! 

Together with your Plan Manager or Support Coordinator and other service providers, your informal supports help to ensure you have someone looking out for you, a shoulder to lean on and a caring ear to turn to for advice.


At Disability Plan Services, we have a team of trusted Support Coordinators and Plan Managers that are passionate about working closely with you and your loved ones to achieve your goals. We understand everyone’s goals are different, that’s why we take the time to understand you, and your needs so we can make recommendations that are best suited to you. 

We are an experienced team of real people, just like you, and our goal is for you to live a fulfilling and rewarding life!

If you’re looking for support in South East Queensland, get in touch with the team at Disability Plan Services today.