Understanding Your NDIS Plan

May 13, 2024

Getting your first NDIS plan can be a really exciting time – especially after all the work that went into the application. But, deciphering it can feel like reading another language. Fear not! This guide will break down the key components of your NDIS plan, helping you understand your resources and maximise their use. 

Decoding Funding Categories

Your NDIS plan allocates funding across three main categories: 

  • Core Supports: This covers everyday living needs, such as assistance with showering, dressing, and transport. 
  • Capital Supports: This funds one-off purchases, such as assistive technology, home modifications, or specialised vehicles. 
  • Capacity Building Supports: This helps you develop skills and independence, such as therapy, training programs, or support finding work. 

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Maximising Your Plan with Disability Plan Services

Understanding your plan is crucial for getting the most out of your NDIS support. Here’s how Disability Plan Services can help: 

  • Plan Breakdown: We can simplify complex NDIS terminology and explain your plan in plain language. 
  • Funding Allocation: We can help you understand how your funding is allocated across different categories and identify areas where it can be best utilised. 
  • Service Selection: We can assist you in finding qualified providers who can deliver the services outlined in your plan. 
  • Budget Management: If you have chosen us as your Plan Mangers, we can manage your budget, ensuring you stay within your allocation, and maximise your resources. 
  • Plan Reviews: We can support you by reviewing your plan regularly and advocating for any changes needed to meet your evolving needs. 

Beyond Understanding, Towards Empowerment

Disability Plan Services goes beyond simply explaining your plan. We empower you to use it effectively in achieving your goals. This could involve: 

  • Independent Living Skills: Utilising capacity building funds for services that help you become more independent with daily tasks. 
  • Social Connection: Identifying support services that help you participate in social activities and build meaningful connections. 
  • Employment Opportunities: Exploring options within your plan to support you in finding and maintaining employment. 

 Remember, you don’t have to navigate the NDIS alone. Disability Plan Services is here to be your partner, helping you understand your plan, maximise your funding, and achieve your aspirations. Get in touch with us today and let our team of experts guide you on your NDIS journey.