What The New NDIS Pricing Arrangements Mean For You

June 29, 2022

Close-up shot of money on a flat surface. There are notes spread out, with coins on top.

It’s that time again – when the NDIS releases a list of changes to its Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits. This is was formerly known as the Price Guide. 

These changes are in effect from 1 July 2022. There’s a fair bit to go through, including price increases (and plan budget increases to match – phew!) and a change to cancellation policies.  We’ve compiled the highlights here for you, to help you understand how your plan may be affected.  

Support Work Price Increase: 9% 

From 1 July 2022, price caps on services provided by disability support workers increase by 9 per cent. This reflects price pressures for providers, such as increases to the minimum wage and superannuation, and changes to the industry award, known as the SCHADS (Social, Community, Home Care and Disability Services) award. 

Automatic Plan Budget Increase 

All current NDIS plan budgets will be automatically increased to account for the changes to price limits. 

No Increase: Therapy, Support Coordination and Plan Management 

For the second year in a row, there is no increase in pricing for allied health professionals, support coordinators and plan managers. 

High Intensity Supports 

Level 3 high intensity supports are removed from this year’s Price Guide.  There will now be a single price limit for High Intensity supports (varying by time of day and day of the week), set at the previous Level 2 limit. 

Short Notice Cancellations 

The definition of a “short notice cancellation”, previously 48 hours, has been extended to seven days. This means that if a participant cancels within this time window, the provider is entitled to charge 100% of the agreed fee for the activity from the participant’s plan. This change cannot be enforced until your service agreement is updated to reflect the change. 

Provider Travel  

Providers of core supports are now able to bill for travel from the participant, back to their usual place of work, in certain circumstances.  

You can find more details here, or contact us for more information.