How To Find an NDIS Plan Manager

April 9, 2021

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As an NDIS participant, you have complete choice and control of your NDIS funding and how it is managed for the duration of your plan.

You have three options for the management of your NDIS funding. You can choose for your budget to be managed by the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) which is also referred to as agency-managed, you can manage it yourself (self-managed), or you can choose to have it managed by a registered, third-party NDIS Plan Manager.

If your choice is to have your plan funds managed by a third-party agency, you may be wondering how to find an NDIS plan manager that is right for you.

In this blog, we’ll cover what an NDIS plan manager does, what the benefits are and how to find an NDIS plan manager that will be best for your needs!


What is an NDIS Plan Manager?

A plan manager is a disability support provider that works with NDIS participants to help make the most of your plan funds. The service they provide is called “NDIS Plan Management” or Improved Life Choices, CB Choice and Control in your plan. 

Here are some of the ways they do this. 

  • Paying bills on your behalf and handles all record-keeping
  • Managing your budget and keeping you informed of any remaining or low funds
  • Provide you with tailored advice on how you should/can be spending your budget to maximise services
  • Help you prepare for NDIS plan reviews
  • Liaise with service providers on your behalf and negotiate better rates
  • Help you to navigate the NDIS in simple language you can understand

Working independently to the NDIS and NDIA, a plan management agency is a trusted, third-party service provider for the financial management of your plan.


The benefits of NDIS plan management

Choosing NDIS plan management comes at no cost to you and it does not reduce your plan funding. When you request plan management at your planning meeting or plan review, additional funds are provided to you for this service.

A registered Plan Manager is like your connection to the NDIS. They are an independent third-party acting on your behalf and always having your best interest at heart. 

Some Plan Managers, such as Disability Plan Services, will go above and beyond this and help to facilitate the best supports for you as well as provide personalised advice that suits your individual needs and goals.

At Disability Plan Services, we take the time to understand you and know the best way to manage your NDIS funding. We are always focused on you. We are a dedicated team with lots of real-world experience and a long history of disability services. By taking the time to get to know you and understand your unique situation and specific needs, we help you to achieve what you want from your plan.

As your partners on this journey, it’s important to us that our relationship is built on trust. It’s this trust that our community has in us that means you will always feel a sense of safety and security.


How to find an NDIS Plan Manager

There are a few ways to find NDIS service providers, such as plan managers. One of the best ways is by using the Provider Finder tool on the NDIS myplace participant portal.

The NDIS list all registered providers and include details of the services they provide, their location and contact details.

Although you don’t have to choose a registered NDIS plan manager, it can provide you with extra peace of mind. To become registered with the NDIA, providers must provide proof of all the required qualifications, approvals, experience, and access to supports. 

Registered providers also have to comply with specific laws, guidelines, policies which non-registered providers don’t have to follow.

Disability Plan Services is a registered provider of NDIS plan management and support coordination under Tea-cup Cottage. Search for ‘Tea-Cup Cottage’ on the NDIS List of Registered Providers in Queensland (QLD) to find us. 


Still unsure about how to find an NDIS plan manager? There are other ways you can get advice on choosing the right provider.

  • Ask your local area coordinator (LAC) or support coordinator for a recommendation
  • Talk to friends or family that have experience with the NDIS
  • Search the internet for “NDIS plan manager near me” or input your suburb name and let your search engine help you find a local provider. Make sure you read their website, blogs and reviews or testimonials to help you make the right choice. 


To contact the team at Disability Plan Services for help managing your plan funds, get in touch with us by calling 1800 312 870 or email