How to find a reliable Complex Case Manager

August 1, 2022

Complex Case Manager

If you are disabled with high or complex needs, it’s likely you need the assistance of a Complex Case Manager. We’ve developed some easy-to-follow tips to ensure you find someone who is suited to your individual needs. 

What is Complex Case Management? 

Complex Case Management is a type of Specialist Support Coordination for those requiring higher levels of care. If you have complex needs, you may require support from specialists – including psychiatrists, mental health workers, social workers or other health professionals – on a regular basis. 

If you are deemed eligible for Complex Case Management, you’ll find it in your Capacity Building budget. Your NDIS plan will describe the level of support coordination you have been approved to receive, which will fall into one of these three categories; 

Level 1: Support Connection  

Level 2: Coordination of Supports 

Level 3: Specialist Support Coordination – also known as Complex Case Management  

If you are currently approved for Levels 1 or 2, but believe you need Specialist Support Coordination, talk to the team at Disability Plan Services about requesting an early plan review. 

Finding a reliable manager you can trust. 

According to the NDIS, a reliable Complex Case Manager will: 

  • understand and use your NDIS plan 
  • make the most of your funded supports 
  • access community and mainstream services 
  • build your ability to become more independent 
  • connect with people in your life such as family, friends and carers to help you achieve your goals 
  • connect with providers 
  • and decide when you want to access supports and services, and how much you want to pay for these. 

Here at Disability Plan Services however, we think there’s a few other important traits and responsibilities that Complex Case Managers should have. These are: 

  • having a high level of compassion and understanding for participants with complex care needs 
  • expertise in a range of areas, including psychology for participants who require assistance accessing supports for mental health or behaviour 
  • helping participants build their resilience for when stress levels rise and communication breaks down 
  • knowing how to respond in crisis situations. 

To find someone with these qualifications and traits, there’s a few simple steps a participant can take to ensure they’re matched with a reliable Complex Case Manager. These are: 

  1. take the time to read testimonials and Google reviews of organisations you’re interested in speaking to. This is the best way to hear from real NDIS participants, just like you, who have worked with this provider . 
  1. work with your NDIS plan manager to find a Complex Case Manager  whot’s right for you. If you’re using a trusted organisation such as Disability Plan Services for NDIS plan management, they will have a list of providers they regularly work with and can provide you with recommendations. 
  1. if you think you’ve found an appropriate provider, develop a list of questions and non-negotiables you have and arrange to have a meeting with them. If you’re satisfied with their answers and they meet your criteria, you may have found your next Complex Case Manager!  

Disability Plan Services ticks the boxes for NDIS participants embarking on the Complex Case Management process. 

At Disability Plan Services, we’re here to support you on your Complex Case Management journey. Regardless of how complex your situation and disability case may be, our experienced team have the skills and understanding to help you achieve your goals. 

We’re a team of real people with years of experience who take the time to know you and understand your barriers so that we can connect you with the best possible disability support services to reach your goals. If you have a disability that affects your ability to reach us, or creates barriers to accessing supports, don’t stress – we can bring our team to you. 

Our team of Complex Case Managers has experience in a range of areas, including psychology if you require assistance accessing supports for mental health or behaviour. Our approach is to work with our participants openly and honestly to identify what supports are best suited to your needs and assist you to access those supports with your funding.  

We can also handle your plan management – meaning you can trust us with your NDIS funding and support coordination needs. To find out how we can assist you, call us on 1800 312 870 or email