What are NDIS therapeutic supports?

May 22, 2020

NDIS therapeutic supports

What are NDIS therapeutic supports?

It is quite common to receive funding for NDIS therapeutic supports in your plan. There are a wide range of therapeutic supports available for eligible participants and each service must be delivered by a qualified provider. The qualification required by each service provider will vary depending on which support is being delivered.

The goal of NDIS therapeutic supports is to help you improve your independence and enable participation in daily, practical activities. This covers areas such as language and communication, mobility and movement, personal care, interpersonal interactions and community living.

As an NDIS participant, the majority of therapy supports you require will be included in the Improved Daily Living category of your plan. As the category suggests, these therapeutic supports help to improve your daily living skills.

Therapies covered under the Improved Relationships category assist you with interacting with others whereas the Improved Health & Wellbeing category includes activities that support, maintain or increase your physical mobility and wellbeing.

Keep reading to find a breakdown of the most common NDIS therapeutic supports and what each one means.


NDIS therapeutic supports list

Therapy supports are crucial for many NDIS participants. The following list shows you just some therapeutic supports available and the current NDIS therapeutic supports price guide for 2019-20.


Support type

What it means

NDIS therapeutic supports price guide 2019-20

Employment related counsellingAssistance with finding and keeping a job and/or counselling to assist participants engage in employment.National non-remote price: $193.99
DieteticsAdvice on managing diet for health and wellbeing due to the impact of their disability.National non-remote price: $193.99
Exercise physiologyAdvice on exercise required due to the impact of their disability.National non-remote price: $166.99
Personal training1:1 personal training to improve participants’ physical health and wellbeing.National non-remote price: $56.89
Psychology for early childhood interventionsCapacity building supports delivered by a psychologist to assist children with disability and their carers/family to improve independence and social participation.NT, SA, TAS & WA non-remote price: $234.83

ACT, NSW, QLD & VIC non remote price: $214.41

Other common NDIS therapeutic supports include:

  • Occupational therapy – Occupational Therapists help you to develop your functional skills to improve your participation and independence. If you need assistance with daily activities such as showering and cooking, occupational therapy may be required.
  • Behaviour support – Designed to help you achieve your goals surrounding mental health, behaviour and relationships. Psychologists can help you to implement positive behaviour strategies and provide counselling where required.
  • Speech therapy – Speech Pathologists can assist with communication and swallowing. If you need the assistance of communication systems or help eating, speech therapy will be included in your plan.

The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) sets price caps for certain NDIS supports to ensure that NDIS participants obtain reasonable value from their support packages. These prices are reviewed annually.

As an NDIS participant, if it is deemed reasonable and necessary for you to use any of the above mentioned supports because of your disability and they help you towards your long term goals, you should receive funding within your plan to access these supports.

If you don’t have funding for NDIS therapeutic supports in your plan, speak to the team at Disability Plan Services to see how we can help incorporate these into your plan.


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If you’re struggling to keep track of your spending on therapy supports or want help to get funding for therapeutic supports in your plan, get in touch with the team at Disability Plan Services today.