Why a local NDIS Plan Manager is best

March 26, 2021

local ndis plan manager

As an NDIS participant, you have complete choice and control over how your funding is managed. Your funds are allocated to you by the NDIS based on your individual circumstances for supports and services you require. This funding works towards achieving the goals in your plan, making it completely individualised.

At your NDIS planning meeting you will be asked how you want to manage your plan funds for the duration of your plan. One of the options available to you is NDIS plan management. 

A good plan manager understands how the NDIS works, stays up the date with the latest changes to ensure they’re always giving accurate advice, are able to assist with budget management and help you to effectively use your funds in the best way possible. 

But finding a suitable plan manager is sometimes easier than it sounds. 

You may be wondering, “With so many NDIS plan managers near me all offering a similar service, how can I choose the right one?”

Making the right choice

By choosing a local provider with a physical location near you, you can build a stronger connection with your plan manager. By meeting with them face-to-face, you can get to know each other and better understand how to communicate.

Local providers are also known to work closely with other local service providers – meaning you’re spending your NDIS plan funds with local operators within your community. That’s a win, win for everyone!  

With a smaller, local provider you know you’ll never be considered ‘just a number’ in their system. Some providers that operate all over Australia have thousands of clients at any one time.

Likewise, if you choose to have your plan managed by the NDIA. As at September 2019, the NDIA was managing more than 32 per cent of all NDIS plans in the country – that’s more than 100,000 plans!

Although you don’t have to choose a provider with a location that is close to you, as most providers can facilitate a relationship with clients over the phone, through emails and using online portals, it can have many benefits and avoid possible complications. 

In doing your own research, you may even find that when you search for ‘NDIS plan managers near me’, some of the largest, nationwide providers do not have any publicly accessible Google reviews. 

Honest testimonials from real clients are the best way to hear about other people’s experiences and decide whether your chosen NDIS plan manager might be right for you.

If you chose to work with a nationwide, large NDIS plan management provider, you could find yourself experiencing one of the following at some point;

  • Slow response to requests. If you need to contact your nationwide plan management agency with a question or concern, you can often be waiting long periods of time to receive a call back or response to your query. This can be because they are managing thousands of plans and are under resourced. 
  • Lack of personalised support. With so many plans under management at one time, receiving the personalised, one-on-one support you need can sometimes be difficult. 
  • Little to no communication. We have heard reports of some Plan Managers never making contact with their clients – even to check up on how things are going! This can lead to bas long-term relationships and a loss in trust. 
  • Invoices paid late. A very common issue with large providers that have thousands of invoices to process every month. Sometimes clients find themselves having to chase up their Plan Manager to have invoices paid on time. 

A local, trusted team

Whether you live in greater Brisbane, on the sunny Gold Coast or even in Toowoomba, Disability Plan Services has a location near you! Or, if you live in a remote location such as Russell Island, our team can come to you. 

If you live in one of the above locations, search for ‘Best NDIS plan managers near me’ on Google and look for us!

Although we only launched in May 2020, the team at Disability Plan Services are no strangers to the NDIS! We’re an experienced team of NDIS Plan Managers and Support Coordinators who share a people-first focus.

Our founder, Alex Shaw, understands first-hand what it’s like for families living with a disability. After founding four successful community support and respite programs in Brisbane’s Bayside, Disability Plan Services is Alex’s vision for providing a solution to plan management led by a team of passionate people. 

Our other team members have been working in disability support roles for much of their life, such as Louise who was a Local Area Coordinator (LAC) with the NDIA before joining our team. Or Andrea who is an assistance nurse with previous experience in individual support.

To get in touch with the team at Disability Plan Services about plan management, complete the form here.