Getting assistance with community access NDIS programs

June 13, 2022

community access NDIS

What are some of the activities you would love to participate in on a regular basis? Would it involve you joining a local sporting group, or even just visiting the library on a weekly or monthly basis?

When you explore the community access NDIS programs that may be available to you under your NDIS plan, it’s easy to begin participating in the things you love. 

In this blog, we outline why community access NDIS programs are so important, the types of activities that may be on offer through these programs, and what funding you need in your NDIS plan to be able to access them. 

We’ll also highlight how the team at Disability Plan Services can help you access these programs. 

What are community access NDIS programs? 

Community access NDIS programs allow eligible people with disabilities to access social and civic activities that may bolster their skills and confidence. Most importantly, they exist for you to have some good old-fashioned fun! This might look like:

  • A support worker helping you access the local library, movies or concerts
  • Joining a social group or sporting group
  • Getting away on a short holiday
  • Attending a course that assists your personal development and overall goals

Why is NDIS community participation important?

NDIS community participation provides enormous social and emotional outcomes for Australians living with disabilities. Regular participation in coordinated activities and social groups has proven to have the following benefits for NDIS participants.

  1. improved confidence, behaviour and attitude
  2. reduces feelings of isolation and in some cases, sadness and/or depression
  3. can reduce a NDIS participant’s reliance on informal and formal supports
  4. can assist people with disabilities to build their communication and interpersonal skills to make them more employable
  5. overall, it can reduce negative stigmas about people with disabilities and their ability to connect with their local community

Where can I find funding for community access NDIS programs in my plan?

Funding for community access NDIS programs and support can be found in two places on a plan
– in a Core Supports budget under Assistance with Social & Community Participation, and
– in a Capacity Building budget under Increased Social & Community Participation. 

While these two categories sound similar, they provide funding to different aspects of community participation. 

Assistance with Social & Community Participation provides funding for a support worker who can attend programs or activities with you. It also gives you funding for certain social activities. 

Increased Social & Community Participation, on the other hand, funds classes, fees or programs that help you build your skills and independence. This could be anything from acting classes, right through to programs that allow you to volunteer for an organisation in your local community. The NDIS website has a helpful page that breaks down the different types of support budgets in your plan. To access this, click here.

How can Disability Plan Services help me access these programs?

At Disability Plan Services, we have a team of friendly plan managers and support workers who can make your dreams of participating in local community events and programs come to life. If you’re already on a NDIS plan and don’t currently receive funding in either of the aforementioned support categories, our  plan managers can help you prepare for your next NDIS planning meeting to ensure you communicate these goals clearly and effectively to the NDIA. This can be done in an early review, or at your next planning review. 

On the other hand, if you have funding in either of these support categories but aren’t currently utilising your budget to its fullest potential, our support coordinators can connect you with reputable NDIS service providers who can help you get out there and engage with your local community!

Why Disability Plan Services?

At Disability Plan Services, we’re focused on improving the quality of life of people with disabilities because we believe everyone has the right to receive the support they need. Our team of support coordinators and plan managers are passionate about providing positive NDIS community outcomes for our clients. So, if you don’t have a support coordinator or plan manager, or are simply looking to make the switch to an NDIS provider that will become a partner on your journey, contact Disability Plan Services today on 1800 312 870 or email