Why You Should Check a Provider’s Testimonials Before Engaging Their Services

September 26, 2022

Plan manager testimonials.

Before Google reviews or online directories, it was difficult to find testimonials and customer reviews for disability service providers.

When you decide to work with a Plan Manager, you’ll be working alongside them quite closely so they can monitor your funds, pay for your providers, and conduct financial reporting on your behalf. When you engage a Plan Manager, they have a high level of responsibility over your NDIS funding – so it’s important to choose someone that is reliable and trustworthy.

In this blog, we outline how doing your research and reading testimonials and customer reviews from real NDIS participants about disability service providers can help match you with a Plan Manager that is right for you.

Why is it important to read testimonials?


When conducting your research into Plan Managers, you’ve probably considered the following factors:

  • Location – are they close to home, or if not, can they conduct meetings via phone or the internet?
  • Experience – how long have they been providing plan management services?
  • Simplicity – is the process to sign up with them easy? Do they provide you with ongoing updates?

Most NDIS registered Plan Managers (like Disability Plan Services) will have these details outlined on their website. However, what you won’t find is first-hand accounts from real life customers, whose testimonials and reviews will be able to tell you things such as:

  • Friendliness – are they friendly and easy to deal with? Do they take a genuine interest in their clients?
  • Accessibility – is this plan management provider easy to get in contact with? Are they quick to reply to your questions and queries?
  • Expertise – do their staff have extensive experience in the financial and disability sectors?
  • Transparency – does this Plan Manager provide you with regular updates and overviews about the status of your NDIS budgets?

Online reviews, such as those left on a provider’s Google Business profile are one of the best ways to get an honest answer about these four factors.

Real testimonials from clients of Disability Plan Services


At Disability Plan Services, we’re committed to providing the best level of customer care and service to NDIS participants. You don’t just have to take our word for it; hear from some of our clients about the level of satisfaction they have with our plan management services.


After Desley’s husband, Peter, was diagnosed with early onset dementia, she began reading provider ratings to find a Plan Manager that aligns with their needs.

With no prior knowledge into the complexities of NDIS funding, Desley found herself confused and decided to reach out to Disability Plan Services for plan management.

“It was a very hard time when we received [Peter’s] diagnosis and I found navigating the NDIS and paying providers to be an added stress on top of an already stressful time.”

Desley and Peter approached Disability Plan Services to get assistance with better utilising Peter’s NDIS plan and to have their payments to providers such as occupational therapists and personal carers organised on their behalf.

“We were tossing up between a few Plan Managers but when I first met with Jack from Disability Plan Services, I could just tell it was the right fit. Jack was the first Plan Manager to properly address Peter and show a genuine willingness to help.”

Over their time with Disability Plan Services, Desley says there is one moment in particular that stands out to her as a testament to Jack’s ability as a Plan Manager.

“I reached out to Disability Plan Services to get help with home nursing as soon as possible. Within 24 hours, Jack had organised a nurse to arrive at our doorstep and ensured the entire process was covered by our NDIS budget. It is really nice to know that they have our backs and can get help to us when we need it.”


Georgina is a loving mum of two children, each with NDIS plan funding. Before engaging the plan management services of Disability Plan Services, Georgina was unaware of how much funding each of her children was eligible for, and was even unaware she was allocated a budget for certain items her children needed.

Georgina’s children’s plans are both managed by Lisa, who works closely with the family to ensure they have a thorough understanding of the funding they’re allocated.

“I never knew my kids had transport funded under their NDIS plan,” says Georgina. “Lisa and the team at Disability Plan Services took the time to explain everything that’s on the children’s plans and what the funding can be used for. Previously, I was only told how much money was remaining overall without having a clear breakdown of the funding I had for each support. Lisa, on the other hand, sat down and explained everything thoroughly to me.”

The other stand-out for Georgina is the fast and friendly service offered by Lisa and the Disability Plan Services team. “As soon as I call Disability Plan Services, they answer. And as soon as I email them, I’m met with a fast reply,” says Georgina. “Lisa is great. The moment I walked into the Disability Plan Services office and met with her she was on to it. She’s been very good and very friendly. Best service, 10 out of 10.”

To read more customer reviews from real clients like Desley and Georgina, click here.

Disability Plan Services has a plethora of happy customers


At Disability Plan Services, relationships are at the core of everything we do.

We believe that to achieve your life goals, everyone needs a little support from people they know and trust. Our team members are more than just NDIS Plan Management service providers. We are your trusted partners on your NDIS journey.

With a 4.7 star rating on Google, and an array of positive testimonials on our website, you can have peace of mind knowing that our Plan Managers are providing you with the best individual support available. To learn more, call us on 1800 312 870 or email info@disabilityplanservices.com.au.