Changing your NDIS Plan Manager

October 11, 2020

NDIS Plan Manager

Changing your NDIS Plan Manager

If you aren’t happy with your current Plan Manager, you may be wondering about making the change to a different provider.

Whether they aren’t providing you with the level of service you need, you’re moving interstate and want to find someone closer to you or any other reason, you’re entitled to pick your own service providers, and this includes your Plan Manager.

In this blog, we’ll cover what you need to know about switching to another Plan Manager and the steps you need to take before making the switch!

Can I change my NDIS Plan Manager?

The short answer is yes! Switching from your current Plan Manager to a new one is quite simple and worthwhile doing if you aren’t happy with the service you’re currently receiving.

Regardless of when you want to make the switch, either during your current plan or at the end of your plan, you’ll need to let the NDIA know along with informing your current Plan Manager that you are cancelling their service. You don’t need to justify your reasons so there’s no need to explain yourself.

It’s important to note that some agencies may not be able to accept you as a new client if you’re in the middle of your current plan so check with them if that’s okay first if you’re planning on switching during your plan.

How to switch NDIS Plan Managers

Changing management of your NDIS plan from one Plan Manager to a new one is a relatively straightforward process but will vary depending on when you choose to make the switch.

Here are the steps involved with switching to a new Plan Manager.

  1. Contact the NDIA on 1800 800 110 to let them know you wish to change from your current Plan Manager to a new one. If Disability Plan Services is your preferred new plan management agency, let us know that too!
  2. Contact your new Plan Manager and complete any required paperwork to become registered with them. They will help you with the process.
  3. Contact your current Plan Manager and request to cancel your service. They will stop paying your invoices on the day you change to your new Plan Manager.

Some Plan Managers, such as Disability Plan Services, will get in touch with your previous Plan Manager to find out everything we need to know – making the switch even easier for you.

What happens to my plan funds when I switch?

Just as your current Plan Manager is paid through funding in your plan for Improved Life Choices, your new provider will be paid in the same way.

Changing to a new provider also doesn’t cost anything so your plan funds won’t be affected.

From the day you start working with your new Plan Manager, your previous provider will stop paying your invoices on your behalf and the responsibility will switch to your new provider so it’s important that you follow the above steps correctly to keep your supports paid on time.

How do I find an NDIS Plan Manager Provider?

Not happy with your current Plan Manager and still don’t know how to find the right one for you? Don’t stress! There are plenty of resources out there to help you.

The team at Disability Plan Services compiled our recommendations for picking the right Plan Manager to suit your needs in this blog post.

Some important things to consider are the services they offer. Do they just specialise in plan management or do they also offer additional services?

You may also prefer a Plan Manager that understands what it’s like to live with disability so they can better understand your needs. Some Plan Managers, such as at Disability Plan Services, have first-hand experience with disability through their family members or friends so are more experienced.

You also have to get along with the Plan Manager! Their role involves so much more than just paying for your supplier invoices. The right Plan Manager will take the time to get to know you. The better they know you, the better their recommendations will be about managing your plan.

At Disability Plan Services, we make the switch as easy as possible for our new clients. If you’re wanting to move your plan management over to us, we can handle everything for you from informing your current Plan Manager to calling the NDIA on your behalf. We also make sure all your service providers’ details are smoothly transitioned over to us – making your life easier!

If you’re looking for a Plan Manager in Brisbane that ticks all of these boxes and more, get in touch with the team at Disability Plan Services.