Gold Coast’s best NDIS plan management option!

March 12, 2021

Gold Coast NDIS plan managers

If you’ve got funding for Improved Life Choices in your NDIS plan, that means you’re eligible to access plan management.

As one of the options available to you for the financial management of your NDIS budget, plan management gives you flexibility while maintaining control of how your plan funds are spent.

But, if you’re searching for NDIS plan managers Gold Coast, how do you choose the right one?

There are many providers on the Gold Coast, ranging from small, local operators to nation-wide businesses that you can choose from to manage your NDIS funding.  

With each option comes a different level of service. In this blog, we’ll cover what you should look for when researching Gold Coast NDIS plan managers!

Is plan management right for me?

The right option for you comes down to what suits your circumstances and goals. 

There are many things to consider when deciding how you’d like to manage your NDIS funding. If you like the idea of taking control of your own NDIS budget and want to self-manage your funds but your disability means this isn’t an option for you then choosing the plan-managed model can be a great alternative!

Here is a brief overview of the options available to you.

  • Self-managed – Choose to take care of all the administration yourself, including managing your funding, paying for supports and service providers, keeping records for auditing purposing and budgeting to ensure your funds lasts until your next plan.
  • Agency-managed (also known as NDIA-managed) – The NDIA manages your NDIS funding and bookkeeping for you. Your providers will be able to make a claim for their fee directly from the NDIA, so you won’t need to pay for anything or keep records yourself.
  • Plan-managed – You have complete choice and control over your supports and the service providers you work with. The role of NDIS plan managers on the Gold Coast is to handle all of the difficult administration of your plan funds including paying suppliers, budgeting to ensure you maximise your funding and providing recommendations based on your funds and goals. A plan manager is independent from the NDIS and therefore will always have your best interests at heart.
  • Mixed (a combination) – You can also choose to combine any two of the above methods – for example, you may choose to have one component of the budget managed by a plan manager but self-manage the rest until you feel confident enough to do it on your own, if that is your preference.

If you have decided that NDIS plan management is the best option for your individual circumstances and you have funding for Improved Life Choices in your plan, the only thing left to do is find a plan manager! 

Choosing a plan manager

Although experience, reliability and approachability are all important attributes that all plan managers should processes, when it comes to choosing a plan manager who is going to be right for you, mainly it comes down to a ‘gut’ feeling. 

It’s best to do some research, read client testimonials, give them a call and meet with a plan manager who you think may be suitable for your needs before making a decision to commit to working with anyone. 

If you don’t feel a connection, chances are they won’t be the right fit for you. But don’t stress! We’ve prepared a handy checklist to help you make the best choice.

  • Do they have good customer reviews on Facebook and Google?
  • Is there a common theme or complaint that appears in reviews? If so, ask them about this.
  • Is it easy to contact them and are they quick to respond?
  • Did they ask questions about you and try to understand your needs?
  • Do they have an app or system in place for you to easily get updates on your plan funds?
  • How much experience do they have in plan management?
  • Are they easy to talk to and friendly?

Using these questions as a guide, finding the perfect Gold Coast NDIS plan manager for you will be easy!

In response to the overwhelming success of our Brisbane and Toowoomba locations, we are pleased to announce that Disability Plan Services is now open in Helensvale, Gold Coast.

The team at Disability Plan Services have the experience, patience and understanding needed to help you reach your goals, without the frustrating jargon.

For NDIS plan management and support coordination from people you can trust, get in touch with Disability Plan Services at our new Helensvale location by calling 1800 312 870 or email