What disability support can I access?

August 10, 2020

All ability plan management

What disability support can I access?

As an individual living with disability in Australia, there are a number of programs and services funded by various levels of government and the community sector that you are able to access.

In Australia, payments are available to help people who have an illness, injury or disability. Although the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) only supports Australian citizens or permanent residents aged between 7 and 65 who have a permanent and significant disability, other programs have varying eligibility criteria.

How does the NDIS support individuals with a disability?

Because everyone is different, with unique goals and challenges, the NDIS has been designed to support every individual living with a permanent and significant disability to reach their own goals by providing them with funding for reasonable and necessary supports.

The NDIS defines reasonable and necessary supports as those that are related to your disability and that will help you to achieve your goals, increase independence and develop capacity to be involved in the community and workplace.

Funding is allocated into three categories that you can access to pay for different types of supports such as home mobility modifications, transport to and from community activities, help managing household bills, and support to find and keep work.

Everyone’s funding will differ so it’s best to check with an NDIS plan manager about how to best maximise your allocated funding. For an obligation-free discussion about your plan funds, contact Disability Plan Services. As a team of experienced NDIS plan managers and support coordinators, we can assist you in accessing the best supports possible through our all ability plan management service.

Other types of disability support

If you are not eligible for the NDIS and disability support pension, you may be eligible to access free resources and support from other government entities or community organisations that are aimed at supporting different types of disabilities.

Whether you’re looking for funding to assist with your disability or you need trust-worthy advice from experts, the below is an extensive list of resources you can access for disability support as compiled by the NDIS.

Support for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders:

Individual and self-advocacy assistance:

Crisis and mental health support:

Disability support for culturally and linguistically diverse people and those with a non-English speaking background:

Support for parents, carers and educators of children with disability:

Employment support to find and keep a job:

Hearing and health care support:

Disability housing and home modifications:

Assistance for people in the criminal justice system:

Disability legal and advocacy services:

Mental health resources:

Support for older people with disability:

Transport and mobility assistance:

Already have NDIS funding?

At Disability Plan Services, we offer NDIS all ability plan management services. No matter how much funding you have or how your disability affects your life, the Disability Plan Services team is here to help you.

If you have barriers to accessing plan management or have a complex living situation or care needs, Disability Plan Services has a specialist team member experienced in complex case management and can help you to access the supports you need.

Because we’re an NDIS all ability plan management provider, we understand not everyone has the ability to physically visit our support office. That’s why if you can’t make it to us, our team can arrange to come to you.

If your application to access the NDIS has been denied or you need assistance to appeal a decision, get in contact with us today.