Accessing NDIS support coordination for the first time?

July 9, 2020

NDIS support coordination

Accessing NDIS support coordination for the first time?

Like many NDIS funded supports, funding for NDIS support coordination is not provided to every participant and must be deemed a ‘reasonable and necessary’ support. Until recently, most participants who received funding in their plan for NDIS support coordination fell into one of these categories:

  • You are new to the NDIS and need help understanding your plan
  • You have high or complex needs
  • You have just gone through or are expected to go through a considerable life event such as moving out of home for the first time
  • Many of the people in your immediate family also have disabilities
  • You don’t have family support nearby

However, due to the global coronavirus pandemic, from 25 March 2020 the NDIA announced that anyone with an NDIS plan would be able to draw from their Core budget for support coordination. This change will be in place for up to six months, making it easier than ever for participants to get the supports they need. The NDIA also introduced this change to assist NDIS support coordination providers who may be struggling at this time due to the restrictions caused by coronavirus.

If you currently have funding for support coordination in your plan, this change mean you can now use some of your Core budget to access additional support if you have used all of your Capacity Building budget. However, if you have never previously received funding for support coordination, now is the ideal time to give it a try!

What to expect from NDIS support coordination providers?

After deciding that NDIS support coordination might be right for you and ensuring you have enough funds in your Core budget to accommodate this support, the next step is finding the right Support Coordinator for you. This task alone can be tricky as there are many providers all offering similar services. We recommend going with someone who takes the time to listen to you, asks questions and is experienced with the NDIS. It’s also important that you get along with them and feel comfortable!

If you’re brand new to the NDIS, in your first couple of months working with your Support Coordinator, their job will be to help you understand your plan and explain anything that may be confusing to you.

The next step is to get connected with service providers who can deliver the supports you need within your plan. Your Support Coordinator’s job is to find those service providers for you, contact them and explain what you need. Once you find service providers that you’re happy with, your Support Coordinator will finalise service agreements and ensure you are happy with everything.

What happens after current coronavirus changes?

If support coordination is not usually included in your NDIS plan, unfortunately you may not be able to continue accessing it with your Core budget after the NDIA reviews these changes. If you are currently accessing support coordination with your Core budget and would like up-to-date information on any changes, speak to the team of NDIS experts at Disability Plan Services.

If you believe the addition of support coordination has improved your quality of life and would like to have funding for support coordination in your plan, Disability Plan Services may be able to explore this option for you and help you build a case to have funding included in your plan.

Our team all have lived experience with disability and live and breathe the NDIS. With our passion for helping people and our goal of ensuring everyone has access to the supports they need to live a happy and fulfilling life, we’re your ideal partners on this journey.

At Disability Plan Services, we build relationships with the local community, health professionals, service providers and most importantly, you, to deliver the best possible outcomes to help you live a fulfilling life. We dream of a community where everyone has equal opportunities, choice and control over the disability support and services they receive. By listening to what you want, asking the right questions and taking the time to understand you, we can help you to achieve your goals and the life you deserve.

We offer NDIS support coordination in Toowoomba, Brisbane and throughout South East Queensland. To get in contact with us about NDIS support coordination or plan management in Toowoomba, call us on 0448 053 318 or visit us at Suite 1/109 Herries Street, Toowoomba.

For updates from the NDIS on using your plan funds during coronavirus, visit its website here.