Gary’s on Your Team For NDIS Success

April 22, 2024

When you’re looking for NDIS Support Coordination, it’s important to partner with a coordinator who really understands you, and knows how to help you pursue your unique goals.  

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and need a bit of a nudge to get moving on your goals – Gary is the guy for you! He’s organised, thrives on digging into policies and procedures, loves helping his participants to grow – and above all, he’s persistent, which is really helpful when it comes to navigating the NDIS.  

Making Things Happen

“I’ll research something to the death,” he says. “I don’t give up, I follow through. And I fight for what’s right.” 

This persistence really pays off when helping participants overcome their barriers. “I’m working with someone at the moment who really wants to get a job, but struggles to leave the house,” he says. “I’ve found a Supported Employment opportunity and they’re willing to take him on, which is great! So now we’re looking at behaviour support, and working on his self-esteem and confidence. I won’t rush him – but I will make sure he’s making progress.” 

Based in our Toowoomba office, Gary has around six years of experience within the disability sector, and prior to that he was in the employment sector. He’s developed a strong network of contacts in the region. “You always know someone, or have worked with someone. It’s helpful to be able to access great services or information quickly.” 

A Supportive Team

He also highlights the wealth of knowledge within our DPS team. “They’re a great group, and (team leader) Jack is such a good sounding board. He’s really knowledgeable. We can put our heads together and work out great strategies to get things done for our participants.” 

If you need help understanding your NDIS plan, putting it into action, and pursuing your goals – contact our team. Gary and our many support coordinators are here to take the stress away, and support you to live your best life.